About Lingual Orthodontics

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With lingual orthodontics your teeth can straighten with non-visible braces- placed behind the teeth – and are 100% customized for each patient. Lingual braces are an ideal option for people who want the benefits of orthodontic work without significantly changing their appearance.san antonio orthodontist - Cochran Orthodontics


In order to achieve a perfect alignment of the teeth, the brackets have to be positioned at the same distance from the edge of each tooth, and the bracket slot has to be oriented according to the long axis of the tooth. More information here

This very accurate positioning cannot be achieved directly because visibility and access are difficult on the lingual surfaces of teeth. The brackets are first positioned in the laboratory on plaster models, and then transferred into the mouth by means of an elastomeric splint.

The so called « indirect » bonding technique allows the bonding of all the brackets in your mouth in a few minutes.


The brackets that have been newly placed in the mouth require an adaptation period of about 20 days.

During this stage, the patient will experience:

Irritation of the tongue, the tip of which unconsciously comes to rub against the brackets during the first day of treatment.
Chewing difficulties when chewing hard food (only if the upper arch has braces), thus fish and vegetables are recommended at the beginning of treatment.
Mild speech disorders: the brackets on the upper arch disturb the tongue rests on the teeth. « S »sounds and whistling consonants can whistle more than usual during the first hours or even the first days of treatment.
However, this will never be so pronounced that people can no longer understand you.
You might be more or less affected by this adaptation period, depending on your own sensitivity and on your motivation.

The different protection materials we provide and our availability to help you will minimize the discomfort during this period.


Their length varies depending on the difficulty of the orthodontic problem to solve, on the treatment stage you are in, and also depending on whether the appliance is in good shape or not. Generally, appointments are given for 15 to 60 minutes.Orthodontic Treatment


For your personal problem, a personalized treatment plan is needed. In addition to braces, teeth extractions may be necessary for your treatment, either in order to create space for crowded zones, or to allow for retraction of flared teeth.

Sometimes, stripping of the teeth in order to decrease their width can be used rather than extractions, and rubber bands sometimes need to be worn during treatment between the upper and the lower jaw.

The average treatment time is approximately 26 months


Teeth are placed in a “corridor” between the tongue, the cheeks, and the lips, which have a permanent influence on the tooth position.

Teeth are “set” in the bone which can develop and thus modify the way it holds them.

No orthodontist can guarantee the stability of orthodontic treatment without a retainer.

We want the beauty of your smile to stay with you permanently and to this end, we bond very thin metal wires on the invisible side of your front teeth, immediately after removing the braces. These retention wires are almost unnoticeable, and you will soon forget about them

Changing the smile you have now into the smile you desire. Orthodontics is for all ages it is never too late to look and feel at your best. Conditions like crooked teeth, teeth protruding, underbite and spacing between teeth can be corrected.

Most adult seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons while many others seek treatment for bite problems, problem with oral hygiene or jaw disfunction.

Since teeth continue to move throughout your life, braces are often needed into adulthood. Lingual braces offer adults an excellent option to improve their smile less noticeably

The application of lingual braces employs a very sophisticated computerized technique and consequently requires the skill of highly trained professionals. Our dentists and staff regularly attend Lingual Orthodontic Association training sessions across the world to stay on top of the latest techniques.

A smile can say a million words and it speaks its own language.

Whatever your reasons we will concentrate on straightening your teeth and achieve harmony of your teeth, jaw, face.

Increase your self esteem with and an attractive smile.

The invisible solution – why wear traditional braces when you can get the same results.